Thursday, June 24, 2010

Ahhhh Summertime in Arizona - Sheen Family

Here is how a typical day is spent during the summer in Arizona.......POOLSIDE!  What an amazing family the Sheen bunch were - so full of love and kindness.  After the photo shoot they made a wonderful dinner.  We even got to enjoy smores by the fire summer favorite! 

One of my favorites from the night.  Look closely at the twin boys they are doing the exact same thing jumping into the pool - must be a twin thing :)  My husband is an identical twin so of course I would pick up on this :)
Thanks Sheen family for making us feel right at home!

Van Horne Kiddos in Arizona

I had so much fun photographing these kiddos.  The littlest one, Mr. Braden Scott was up first.  He found this sticker on the bottom of his foot that could have entertained him for hours. I think I will invest in stickers for my next session because he could have sat still for hours. He was such a charming little man!  Up next were the two twins, Aizik and Thomys.  I laughed so hard the entire session at these two.  Thanks Van Horne Family for bringing me into your home for the evening.  I enjoyed getting to know all of you!  
I love his pursed lips in this one - and of course those big brown eyes!  He had his first big boy haircut for this session - doesn't he look handsome?
I had such a hard time telling this two a part.  Good thing they told me the secret - Thomys is the one with teeth :)  Aizik is the one without!

Thies Family In Arizona (minus two)!

I love, love, love how these pictures turned out by the pool....SO FUN!  You will see I put minus two in the title to this blog post because we sure missed seeing Kayla and Levi.  They are currently living up in Iowa.  However, we are going to do a fun winter session with them.  We will combine the two session to make one super cute Christmas card.  Can't wait to see both of you!  Thanks again Thies family for the great hospitality!

Beautiful Senior Session in Sunny Arizona

I had an amazing time shooting in Scottsdale, Arizona.  The Thies family brought me out to photograph their youngest daughter.  Kelsey was such a fun senior to shoot!  She sure made my job easy!  My mom and daughter went down with me to keep me company.  We enjoyed getting to catch back up with all of them as it had been way to long. Thanks Thies Family for a wonderful session!! Here are a bunch of the favorites.......